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Hodge, worriedly wrote to his boss Colonel Stafford L.

Warren, Chief of the Medical Division, about “problems associated with the question of fluoride contamination of the atmosphere in a certain section of New Jersey. Although seemingly trivial, the lawsuits shook the government, the secret documents reveal.

“I remember our horses looked sick and were too stiff to work,” these reporters were told by Mildred Giordano, who was a teenager at the time.

Some cows were so crippled they could not stand up, and grazed by crawling on their bellies.

Farm workers who ate the produce they had picked sometimes vomited all night and into the next day.

Mullenix was introduced to a gently ambling elderly man brought in to serve as a consultant on her CNS research–Harold C. By then Hodge had achieved status emeritus as a world authority on fluoride safety.

“But even though he was supposed to be helping me,” says Mullenix, “he never once mentioned the CNS work he had done for the Manhattan Project.” The “black hole” in fluoride CNS research since the days of the Manhattan Project is unacceptable to Mullenix, who refuses to abandon the issue.

“There is so much fluoride exposure now, and we simply do not know what it is doing,” she says. Antonio Noronha, an NIH scientific review advisor familiar with Dr.

Mullenix’s grant request, says her proposal was rejected by a scientific peer-review group.

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